Anger, Domestic Violence

SafeJourney - 24-Hour Advocacy
A Lifeline for Surviving Domestic Abuse
(763) 581-3940

SafeJourney - Support Group
(763) 581-3942

Everyone deserves to live safely. Everyone can live free from any type of abuse.  Abuse can be physical, emotional, financial, verbal, and sexual. If you feel unsafe, or know someone who might, with free and confidential help, time and positive support, you can break the cycle.

Domestic violence is a complex problem that destroys families; children in homes with domestic violence are at greatest risk to bring this behavior to the next generation, either as an abuser or as the abused.

Myths and sterotypes make it difficult for people to come to terms with their situation and seek help. Every victim of domestic violence is not battered. 25% of women will experience some form of domestic violence. One-third of teens report that they know someone their age who has been abused by someone they were dating. Anyone, male or female, can be a victim of family violence.

Help is available around the clock at
SafeJourney. SafeJourney’s services are free and confidential, and are available 24/7 to community members and patients of North Memorial Medical Center and Maple Grove Hospital.

Research-based resources are available to help you and your family with questions about anger, domestic violence, and many other difficult topics.

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