Importance of Breaks, Help, and Support

It is our children’s job to test limits.  It is the job of parents to set, maintain, and enforce the limits.  As children do their jobs, they explore if there is a limit, if the limit will be enforced, how it will be enforced, and if it will continue to be enforced if they continue to test it hourly, daily, or monthly.  Parents need to remain kind and firm at the same time to allow their children to do their jobs.  Children then discover that the parent is indeed doing their job.  All of this work can be exhausting.

When parents are exhausted by their limit testing children, it is not always easy to remain kind and firm.  The parent child relationship benefits when parents take breaks for themselves.  This healthy practice also teaches children to productively take breaks.

Breaks can be taken in many ways.  A break can be a simple five-minute reprieve from a crying child, time to read or take a bath, or time to leave the house without children.  Do you have family or friends that can spend time with your children while you take a break?   Have you met families in classes that would like to swap caring for children each week?  You are modeling healthy practices for your children when they see you taking time for yourself and creating an image that you can get help doing everything that must be done.  You are also allowing yourself much needed time to rejuvenate and refresh.  Children are lucky when their parents are able to take breaks and reach out for help and support as needed.

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