I Am My Child's First and Foremost Teacher

Did you realize you are your child’s first and foremost teacher? Research states that parenting practices are the strongest indicator for the trajectory of a child's life. Learning about parenting, from pregnancy to high school graduation, is a lifelong journey. No matter how we were parented ourselves, we can do better for our children, and even help ourselves along the way. In Minnesota, we are lucky that we Licensed Parent Educators work in our school systems to support all parents. We are here to support you.

When parents learn to listen and observe, slow down and calmly watch their children, they can build their parent-child relationship. Parents have many roles that ebb and flow throughout a child’s life, and even through one day. Parents are comforters, teachers, coaches, consultants, and more.

Many parents state that feeling isolated and unsupported is the hardest part of parenting. When parents are all by themselves and hold their experience and feelings inside, without seeking help or reaching out to others, they can get stuck. We all get stuck. Everyone’s child does things that make parents wonder what is happening, why this behavior has emerged, how to proceed. When parents join a class, they quickly become part of a community. There is so much information available for parents to read and learn on their own, and that’s wonderful. We have found in Parent Education that the relationships and the Parent Educator supported learning is what makes the biggest difference.

Over and over, parents comment that they came to Parent Education classes for their children and found that they stayed for the parenting support. Navigating children’s behaviors with other parents in the same situation can be a profoundly supportive experience. Parents feel comfort seeing others through moments like they are experiencing. When parents feel hopeful, they can be resourceful, try new approaches, and learn with each other. Licensed Parent Educators provide parents with research on current best practices, empower parents to tap into what they already know intuitively, and give parents tools or considerations that parents can decide to try in their family.

Parents are often hard on themselves. Through parent education, parents learn that there are no perfect parents. Just as we need to have realistic expectations for our children (an accurate understanding of child development), we also need to have realistic expectations for ourselves.

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